Ivan Dominguez Off Season Training Camp.

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    Hi everyone, first thing first, thank you so much for having me and for letting me be part of this great site and community.

    My name is Ivan Dominguez, I'm an Ex-Pro rider that now I put together training camps for those that love cycling, as well for those interested in learning more about our beautiful sport.

    My next training camp will be Dec 14/15, for more information of where to register, please follow the link:


    Off Season Training Camp with Ivan Dominguez is getting closer and closer, please don't wait till the last minute to register.

    For those already register, we will be meeting on saturday December 14 and sunday December 15 at the Triunfo Community Park at:
    980 Aranmoor Avenue
    Thousand Oaks, CA 91362

    There I will be giving you some information about what will go down on the training ride and where we will be going from there. One thing for sure, be ready to climb some great hills on the Santa Monica canyons.

    8:30am saturday ride it will be around 5 to 5.1/2 hours with about three long hills. Keep in mind that NO rider stay behind.

    Note: Location for the after meeting training is coming soon.

    8:30am sunday ride it will be around 4 to 4.1/2 1/2 hours with one or two steep but short hills. Keep in mind the NO rider stay behind.

    Note: Location for the after meeting training is coming soon.

    Training food and drinks is on the house.
    For registration please visit:

    Here's some information about what do I teach in my camps, they are normally 2 to 3 days long.

    Workshop Topics:
    • The leadout rotation - positioning of riders, who is behind who.
    • How far from the finish you form a leadout
    • Rotation during a chase (catching up. Regular rotation vs. fast-pace rotation “bolita”)
    • When to chase and not chase, (timing)
    • Which side of the road to take
    • Rotation to get rid of riders (timing)
    • • Windy day formations.
    • Climbing positioning in the group.
    • If you are not a climber, what you need to be doing

    • Cornering - how to approach and come out of a corner
    • What to expect coming into a corner
    • Potential hazards of corners
    • Anticipating a fall
    • Leaving a gap between you and the rider in front of you
    • Grabbing the water bottle from the car or feed zone
    • Putting and taking off jacket
    • Looking back, be careful.

    RACING ETIQUETTE. (Do you want to be a pro?)
    • Start by cleaning your bike
    • Clothes and shoes have to be clean
    • At the podium
    • Before the gun goes off
    • Interviews etiquette
    • Discussion of race outcome right at the end of the race. (take care of your dirty clothes at home. Other teams will use your bickering or emotional outburst against you or your reputation).
    • Communication with your teammates during the race, when things are going bad.

    • Psychology of team racing
    • Arriving at the race location as a team
    • We race for this guy, things are decided at the beginning of the race.
    • You stick to the plan
    • Have Plan B in case the designated rider does not feel well, or gets a flat, or gets cramps.
    • Designated rider should inform the teammates how he is doing during the race. Cannot wait until last minute to disclose how he is feeling.
    • Strategy of a team roster based on race course and assigning roles.

    • Motor pacing.
    • Sprinting Up and Down hills.
    • 60 RPM Climbing.
    • Group Rides.
    • Training alone or in group.
    • Long & Shorts sprints.

    • Coming out of the last turn.
    • See the gap (take it) don’t wait.
    • Teammates moving to the front in the LAST Km or so, don’t bring dangerous riders with you.

    • When to start eating and drinking.
    • What to eat and not to eat
    • Warm up for races.

    • Reading a race, deciding when to bring a break back.
    • Read riders faces or movements.

    Studying the course
    • Attacking “when & why”.
    • Chasing the group on you own "when?".

    Looking forward to see you all soon.
    Thank you.