Johnny NoCom®sets record at BROL!


Johnny NoCom

That is correct folks. Johnny NoCom® has helped increased views at BROL.
The current Johnny NoCom® thread at BROL is the 2nd highest viewed
thread in BROL history with a record 3000+ views.

As a matter of fact, Kurt Fischer clearly states that Johnny NoCom® and
the Fastest Bike in the Known Universe© have helped BROL reach a new
level of Fat Ol Geezer awareness throughout the internet.

[QUOTE: Kurt Fischer]
"At the moment I see no financial loss, either for Kamil or Bryan.......
The interest for BROL and probably also the NoCom has reached a new
high, and that's not a bad thing after all."

Once again it has been Johnny NoCom® to the rescue. The cycling world
will never be boring again with the help of Johnny NoCom® and The
Fastest Bike in the Known Universe©.

Holiday Cheers,
Johnny NoCom®