Just added Speedplay Frogs to my roadbike - impressions:


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May 6, 2004
First of all, they are light - I got the Ti version. Second, they seem simple in design, at least from the outside. Third, the cleat is fairly small, simple in design and easy to install - I have the Specialized Mtn Sport shoes and they fit perfectly.

I tried these out on my trainer for a few minutes in case there were any surprises that might cause me to crash on the road.

My first ride with them was yesterday - 30 miles. They worked great and I couldn't be happier. I have used Shimano 515, 545, and Performance Forte Pro Ti pedals in the past. This was the first ride in 3 years that I didn't have knee pain which always caused me to have to gear way down after about 15 miles.

They are easy (brainless) to install. They are even easier to use - just put your foot on the pedal and somehow it seems they magically clip in. That took a little time to get used too because I am used to a loud click when using SPDs. Clipping out is completely effortless - just move your heel out and you're off the pedal. I only came unclipped once during my ride and that was during the first mile when I was playing around with them to test their limits. No problems after that.

I think they look cool too since I didn't see anyone else who had them. I can't wait to try them on my new 5200 which is supposed to ready on Tuesday.

The cons:
They are pricey. Speedplay must be making a mint on these things. The cleats are also expensive - $30 (but they are easy to install). They seem to require a lot of maintenance which I haven't had to do yet. They call for greasing the internals every 2 months and greasing the cleat before very ride. I think their numbers are conservative though and I don't expect to do that stuff that often. I've also read that all you have to do is just spray a little Pam on the pedal to lube it.

I'll post again if I have any unforseen problems.

Oh yeah, I am really stoked about getting my 5200 soon, even more so now that I've solved my knee pain problems!!!

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