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Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by Karen M., Apr 4, 2003.

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  1. Karen M.

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    Hi all-- This week it got up to 70 degrees, and I went out riding and erranding and got caught at
    dusk. Made a stop at the library (love that DSL line!) and went shopping for reflective sew-on tape.
    [Anyone who's ever ridden with me knows that I campaign the Christmas tree look. There's reflective
    tape affixed to any bike-mounted carrying device, much of it sew-on stuff that I picked up on
    clearance oh, about 20 years ago. I'm running out of the better, brighter colors. Also my riding
    companions tend to not wear bright color-blocked windbreakers (picked up for $2 at local thrifts)
    unless the garments have some girly color trim added. Hence the search.] Besides finding an
    interesting campaign to support our highway workers (standard pin-on ribbon loop fashioned out of
    orange Reflexite), I found a good site with loads of colors and styles of plastic reflective tape at
    reasonable prices. Some glues on. Some sews on. Colors from screamin' neon green to black (!!) which
    is claimed to reflect orange. I got some; it looks like an odd Halloween decoration, especially next
    to the neon pink, magenta, purple, and light blue (which almost matches my Counterpoint so it's
    going on those bags). Anyway, I got bit by the reflective bug Tuesday, the box arrived today, they
    apologize for being out of gold, and the 10-foot lengths are quite generous. They want $7 for that
    length, which is plenty for a windbreaker and a couple of bike bags and velcro/elastic pants bands.
    Large quantities are cheaper (club order?). www.identi-tape.com. No affilliation, yadda yadda, but
    I'll probably return the black since it's not worth the time it would take to stitch it on. Hope
    this helps someone.

    --Karen M. avid sew-er

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Not open for further replies.