Le Tour 2009...The real battle for yellow...

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    Apart form Mark Cavnendish's exploits i thought Le Tour 09 was aa dull as ditch water, the TTT saw to that (why oh why do they persist with it?).

    However, much more newsworthy, or so it seemed, were the tales of infighting and backstabbing from within the Astan camp.

    So ladies and gentlemen... for you delictaion and delight... in the red corner... winner of 7 Tours... from Austin Texas... the biggest fraud in sporting history LANCE (no positives) ARMSTRONG ...and in the blue and yellow corner winner of just the 2 Tours ...the young pretender from Pinto... ALBERTO (im clean honest gov) Contador.


    Contador's fframe of mind and his attacks in the mountain stages - CyclingNews Forum

    I have to admit not being a fan of either but my admiration for AC has skied since reading this. Wonder where AC will end up next year...any thoughts?