Legality of electric powered scooters.

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Tony Raven

Just zis Guy, you know? <[email protected]> wrote: .
> Nope - Herrera.

Herrera is hardly a good basis for questioning the US legal process. The hearsay evidence he
produced to assert "actual innocence" ten years after conviction was hardly convincing on its own
let alone when set against the evidence of guilt produced at the trial. As with the later Schlup
case the Supreme Court ruled that it was not enough to claim innocence, you actually had to
demonstrate your new evidence had some merit Otherwise a claim of "actual innocence" was not enough
to justify a retrial - the origin of your quote. The court judged it was nothing more than a time
wasting tactic in his case.

His crimes by the way were the admitted execution of a state employee for getting in the way of his
drug dealing and the admitted then disputed murder of a policeman who tried to stop him as he fled
the scene.

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