Anyone here ride one? I'm a trials rider, but I've now started riding to work daily and am really enjoying it, so i wanted to pick up a kickass and light XC bike i can use for commuting as well as just riding in general.

I know the bike on paper is amazing, i was wondering what people's opinions are it in terms of the ride, is it worth the cost?? thanks.


Oh btw.. I was looking at the Lookout Mtn (disc frame) with full XTR group! :D
For commuting and kicking around, a lightspeed with xtr sounds like overkill. But if you have a trustfund and you are bent on the highend, I'd go moots or serotta long before I went lightspeed.
My cousin rides one. I think it's a 99 Pisgah - or something like that. He loves it. My only concern is the rear suspension - if that goes, is your whole frame shot? I don't really know much about it though - except like I said, he loves it.
Actually, I'm not looking at the rear suspension one myself, I hate rear suspension, since i'm a technical rider

as for usage, i forgot to mention i've raced expert class XC for a few years, and ride in sport class trials too.. so the bike will get some good technical trail riding! it will also get about 100 miles a week going to and from work, thus i want something i can be happy to spend that much time on.

thanks for the imput and i will give moots and serotta a looksee. I am between Litespeed and Merlin now tho :/
The current ride is a Litespeed Hiawasse, the hardtail that came before the FS model. It's got the old XTR treatment and a 1/2 pair of CrossRide wheels. I dig ti for a couple of reasons. 1. I don't feel all beat up after riding my bike anymore, without the extra pieces parts of full suspension, and, 2. The feel is utterly transparent. It feels like wheels on the earth. It's surreal, unreal, you name it, but I've had a bunch of bikes and ti has got a lot of advantages. It takes a while to get used to the feel but once you do, it's bliss. BW.