looking for suggestion for heart rate zone alarm

chris fix

New Member
Jan 10, 2023
i recently purchased the Polar H10 (chest strap) heart rate monitor so I can train within a specific heart rate zone. I need an audible alarm when i go outside the zone, preferably an android phone app since i use my cycling app & gps on there, so i can adjust my power to a specific heart rate zone.
The Polar Beats apps doesn't provide this. I mean i can keep it on and watch the display of the heart rate but this is dangerous when cycling.
I would rather have something say too fast, too slow, or at least beep, so i can adjust my power. I prefer something with audible cues.
(I don't want to buy a watch for this when I have a smartphone and bluetooth heart monitor)
Can you help me with this, preferably point to an app that does what I'm looking for?
I've been using MayMyRide, it doesn't does this. Strava neither.

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