Midnight ride, Withlacootchie trail

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Tom Blum

Just to inject a bit of OT (On Topic!!! HA!) into your poor snowbound lives:

The full moon rose to a nearly cloudless sky and balmy temperatures. Florida T shirt weather at
the start and only sweat shirt at the end. About 15 riders showed up at Regis Hampton"s
Trailside Bike shop and domicile. There were lots of TourEasy's A Vrex or two, A Lightning, two
trikes, a BikeE, a few DF's and my Speed Machine Clone.

The 14 mile ride to Inverness went off without a hitch, except for a near deer collision which
caused Regis to throw a chain on his new trike. Sorry but I forgot the brand/model.

The moon was bright enough to ride without lites, so many did. It does,however, get a bit spooky
when in the 15 to 20 mph speed range. I opted to stay close to someone with lights on.Everyone
had rear flashers. They are an eerie sight when viewed from a ways back . On the return trip,
more deer were sighted. Another observation is that , when starting back, after about a mile, I
get chilled big time. Shivering and teeth chattering chilled. Then, after another mile or so,
I'm okay. Something about the long food break and cooling all the way down, I guess. Once I warm
up, I'm okay. This is the second time it happened.

If you are ever in west central Florida on the weekend nearest the full moon, I highly recommend
this ride.

Miles of Smiles,

Tom Blum Winter Haven, Florida Homebuilts: SWB Tour Easy Clone Speed Machine Clone

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