My canyon commuter 8.0 is a great bike, but i think i'm going to replace it.

Sep 30, 2017
I have several bikes, but last spring I decided I needed one that I don't have. I decided that what I wanted was a flat bar road bike, with 1X11-12 gearing and room for, at least, at 32mm tire, and I already had a large balance on my credit card, so it had to be fairly cheap. I found a couple bikes I thought would work. My first choice was the Trek FX Sport Carbon 4, for around $1,600. Unfortunately there weren't any available and wouldn't be till next April. So I put one on reserve and ordered my second choice, the Canyon Commuter 8.0. As a bike for commuting to work, I highly recommend it. But I don't commute to work. I don't even work. I'm retired. For me, it's fatal flaw is the internal gearing. I still have the Trek on order, but by budget is bigger now and the Trek is not equipped as well as I'd like.
I've pretty much decided I'm going to order one of these:
They aren't available either, but my Commuter will do fine until then.
When I get the new bike, I'll either sell the Commuter 8.0, or put racks on it and use it for running errands around town.