NBG Ride leaves in 12 days - Andrew Heckman to be at Fest

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  1. Our 2nd Annual National Mayors' Ride leaves from Washington DC in *only* 12 days! See
    http://www.bikeroute.com/NationalMayorsRide for details...

    Only 12 days until Mayors' Ride Begins 119 days until it ends at Santa Cruz NBG Bike Fest

    This news is on line at: http://www.BikeRoute.com/MayorFestNews/4-21-03.html

    A) Andrew Heckman to Be at Santa Cruz NBG Bike Fest August 17!!
    B) Andrew Heckman Fund Raiser on Line
    C) Win a Recumbent - Help us pay for the Santa Cruz NBG Bike Fest Now!!
    D) Pittsburgh riders will be received by live music !!
    E) Denise Hill rallying DC to Pittsburgh troops
    F) Bike World Iowa Signs on as Chicago to Des Moines sponsor
    G) Free Cycles Missoula Video on line for our Free Recycled Bikes program at Fest
    H) Santa Cruz NBG Bike Fest Booth Sales Help Wanted
    I) Fill in the blanks proclamation cities can use to herald National Bicycle Greenway Day
    J) Morton's Web gallery that riders will soon be able to load to is ready for action!!
    K) Local NBG Projects: Santa Cruz to Watsonville Rail Corridor Moving Forward
    L) NBG at Santa Cruz Earth Day this Sunday 4/27
    M) Burning midnight oil, Jody Fitch readies NationalBicycleGreenway.com for prime time
    N) Deux Gros Nez a likely two wheel connected sponsor for Reno!!
    O) Bike powered TV or bike powered generator wanted for E-Day (& Fest)

    P) Spoke with Andrew Heckman today and he tells me that he and his wife Lisa plan to come down for
    our August 17 Santa Cruz NBG Bike Fest. Still in tons of pain and with a hip socket that feels
    like "it's stuffed with hard pointy metal playing jacks", he says he can now at least sit for
    longer and longer periods of time. He even went to the Oregon Human Powered Vehicle Assn meeting
    last week and brought up our July 18 Portland Mayors' reception. He also met Pat Franz there. Pat
    owns the innovative bike company called Terra Cycle <http://www.terracycle.com> and he has told
    Andrew that when he's ready, he'll build him a bike at as close to cost as he can get!!

    Q) Tired (but grateful) of walking (on a cane) to get the exercise he uses to offset the constant
    pain he feels, Andrew tells me he wants to start biking again. And toward this end, we can help
    Pat help Andrew. Already Jeff Reser, who is riding from Chicago to Des Moines, as we said in our
    newsletters two weeks ago, has created a beautiful logo to help us raise the funds Andrew needs
    to offset his ever escalating medical expenses. And no where is it written that he can't use some
    of those funds to help manage some of the suffering Andrew feels with a new bike.

    If you don't know who Andrew Heckman is, as per
    <http://www.earth1.net/~jzaleski/AndrewHeckman2.htm>, he nearly died for the National Bicycle
    Greenway on his aborted bike ride to Des Moines last summer when a car left him for dead. If you
    want to contribute to Andrew, his awesome wife, Lisa, created a site to accept donations at

    All of this is on line at our Mayors' Ride schedule: http://www.bikeroute.com/NationalMayorsRide

    Our Mayors' Ride leaves Washington DC in only 12 days !!

    R) As per <http://www.BikeRoute.com/MayorFestNews/4-7--03.html#Anchor-49575> and
    <http://www.BikeRoute.com/MayorFestNews/3-03-03.html#Anchor-47857>, for as little as 5 bux and
    from the comfort of your desk, you can win either the S&B Malibu or the Backsafer recumbent
    bicycles if you go to:


    The reason this is important is that since we don't charge admission and the booth fees we collect
    barely pay just the insurance fee that is required of us, this is how we pay for the event. There is
    the expense for the park and all the associated permits, not to mention the cost of the sound
    system, the stage, security, the porta-potties, volunteer food and drink, the special bike parking
    area, signage, the children's play area, and etc, etc. Last year our raffle, put a pretty good dent
    in all of this, but we still find ourselves in significant debt. Since we now have the raffle on
    line, maybe you can help us throw a bigger amount at the monthly payments I am personally making
    right now. With a bank card or a credit card -- ** FOR AS LITTLE AS 5 BUX!! **

    A humble note of THX in advance for considering this!

    S)And as the excitement builds, Ro Fischer, Pittsburgh Mayor Tom Murphy's senior aide, has been
    cooking up an awesome reception for our riders when they come in from DC on May 9 with Michael
    Sobkowiak of the Western Pennsylvania Field Institute. Promising that it will be hard for any of
    the cities that follow to top what they come up with, she wouldn't say much more than this:


    > I can tell you this: there will be a band playing in the Square to
    greet the riders........It's getting close!!

    T) And Denise Hill, a web designer, in support of the Western Pennsylvania Field Institute
    <http://wpfi.org>, is rallying the DC to Pittsburgh troops for an epic ride. She has been in
    dialogue with Phil Koopman of City Bikes <http://CityBikes.com>, our send off sponsor and has
    contacted Beth Boose, David Heibert, Ken Lloyd, Jack Helffrich and OraSue Mckinnon to make sure
    they are all on the same page.

    U) As per <http://www.BikeRoute.com/MayorFestNews/3-24-03.html#Anchor-11481 >, Bike World
    <http://bikeworldiowa.com> of Des Moines, Iowa came on as a sponsor last week. Operated by Forest
    Ridgeway, Bike World, a chain of three stores, is a major sponsor of the famous cross state ride,
    the RAGBRAI. And Forest himself is a TransAm vet having crossed the US somewhat recently in 23
    days with Lon Haldeman's PAC tour <http://www.pactour.com>. Because of their long time
    involvement with RAGBRAI, Bike World is familiar with putting on big events and because of their
    extensive connections with the local bicycle movers and shakers should be able to bring a lot of
    sizzle to Jeff & Jason's arrival for Andrew Heckman on June 6!. Forest is even devoting a staff
    member expressly to our Mayor's celebration!

    This should be exciting as Lorna Devros, the senior scheduler for Mayor Preston Daniels, is already
    working her bicycle contact in Des Moines!! Ayhooo!!

    V) Joathan Baty of http://bikecommuter.com got the Free Cycles video online at his site!! If you
    want the direct link, go to: <http://www.expertlighting.com/freecyclesfest02.mpg>. In case you
    forgot, as per <http://www.BikeRoute.com/MayorFestNews/3-24-03.html#Anchor-Found-47857>, Jonathan
    answered our call to get Bob Giordano's great video on line of the event Missoula, MT does to get
    recycled bikes back out into the community. We are calling our version of this, the Outdoor Bike
    Church at our 2nd Annual Santa Cruz NBG Bike Fest. I encourage you to get a look at this short 6
    minute piece of film. It's fun and shows the story of how unwanted bikes and bike parts can be
    used to build community!

    W) Sales person wanted to sell booth space for second annual Santa Cruz NBG Bike Fest on August 17
    at San Lorenzo Park in Santa Cruz. Commission only. No experience necessary -- just a desire to
    make for a better world..

    Here is what we did last year http://www.bikeroute.com/SCNBGFest/8-11Report.html

    X) Here is a fill in the blanks proclamation that cities can use to herald National Bicycle Greenway
    Day for their Mayors' Reception:

    National Bicycle Greenway Day

    (date), 2002

    By virtue of the authority vested in me as Mayor of the City of _______, I do hereby issue this
    proclamation honoring


    WHEREAS, a century ago, bicycling was an important part of American culture; and

    WHEREAS, the National Bicycle Greenway is sponsoring a 24-city relay that begins in Washington,
    D.C., and ends in Santa Cruz, California, with the purpose of offering an alternative solution to
    our daily transportation woes; and

    WHEREAS, the primary objective and purpose of the National Bicycle Greenway is to gather and
    coordinate the resources needed to create a nationwide network of interconnected car roads and
    bicycle pathways; and

    WHEREAS, the National Bicycle Greenway engages in related activities to educate the public regarding
    a healthful environmental sound lifestyle:

    NOW, THEREFORE, I, THE MAYOR OF _____________, do hereby proclaim Date, 2002, as ³NATIONAL BICYCLE
    GREENWAY DAY² in Washington, D.C.


    Name Mayor, (city)

    Y) The ever indefatigable genius of Andrew Morton hit us yet another home run this week. THX to
    Andrew we now have a picture gallery on line at our new site. What's really powerful about this
    part of NationalBicycleGreenway.com is the fact that we can run as many different photo albums as
    we want. For example, this summer riders can enter their own pictures for each leg of our relay
    that they ride. And easily and quickly. The web interface takes any image and does all the
    sizing. From any computer armed with the right password. And if they can't get web access on the
    road, we can upload from their memory card if they have an extra and want to send that to us.

    There are other important areas where this is useful. We can run a general NBG album. We can now
    also represent all of our events with their associated pictures. We can even catalog our volunteer
    staff so you can see what all these miracle workers that are making magic with us look like. We can
    even add captions !

    Nor is this any ordinary on line photo gallery. Among other options, it can be run as a slide show
    where the speed can be varied as fast as one photo per second and the moving shots can be stopped
    and one can back up or go forward at will. Here is what Andrew did for his part in last year's
    Mayors' ride <http://multivac.drewish.com/gallery> (scroll to the bottom) and as we said last week
    <http://www.BikeRoute.com/MayorFestNews/4-14-03.html#Anchor-If-44867>, here what he is doing for his
    friend Dan Miller<http://www.travelingdan.com>. Here are a few of the images I threw up on ours
    <http://NationalBicycleGreenway.com/gallery>. Keep checking back because there are many many to add!


    Z) As per our April 7 newsletter discussion of the Santa Cruz to Watsonville Rail Corridor as per
    <http://www.BikeRoute.com/MayorFestNews/4-7--03.html#Anchor-46919>, I talked with Capitola city
    councilman and local transportation commissioner, Dennis Norton last week. With the advent of new
    possible monies becoming available to buy the corridor if his beloved trolley in placed into the
    equation, Dennis is once again motivated. And he is ramping up for a web page to support this
    project and also plans to involve already very interested business parties in making this real. I
    had called him to invite him to have a booth at our August 17 Santa Cruz NBG Bike Fest. He was
    very receptive and will soon, I'm sure confirm!!

    Z) April 27 will find us at Santa Cruz Earth Day. If all goes according to plan, as per
    <http://www.BikeRoute.com/MayorFestNews/4-7--03.html#Anchor-48213>Woody Parker should be there
    with his patented Juicycle. Jim Langley <http://JimLangley.net>, former long time tech editor for
    "Bicycling" magazine and present web editor for Smart Etailing <http://SmartEtailing.com> a web
    operation that supplies content for bike shops that are on line nation wide, will hopefully also
    be there with one of his turn of the century High Wheel bicycles. Jim is also a well known High
    Wheeler expert, bike consultant and bike author. He and Woody will join Wes Anthony and Faye
    Saunders and August West and Marielle Stollinga WHO will all be there passing out literature and
    answering questions about the NBG and our Festival and the Mayors' Ride. Called "Sowing the Seeds
    for Global Action," the event runs from 11am to 5pm at San Lorenzo Park.

    Z) Besides the powerful efforts of Jim Redd and Andrew Morton and the rest of us on the web team, we
    are just trying to keep up with Jody Fitch. Besides Jody's holding down a demanding full time job
    at McGraw Hill, he's also burning the midnight oil as he readies NationalBicycleGreenway.com for
    prime time. From creating a new and powerful logo for the National Bicycle Greenway and now
    working out the navigation for a lot of the content, much of which he had a direct hand in also
    developing, he even uses what little free time he has to take photos of bike paths that he likes
    so we can represent the many different looks the NBG will take as it spreads all over the US. The
    word a m a z i n g does not fully describe this Giant of a Man!!

    Z) Tim Healion of Deux Gros Nez <http://deuxgrosnez.com>up in Reno has expressed interest in getting
    Reno plugged in to our ride! Well connected in the world of two wheels, this legendary coffee
    shop restaurant has produced the famous Tour De Nez criterium for the last 10 years. In fact bike
    racing is such a big part of what the Deux Gros Nez is all about (they also produce the Desert
    Lake Triathlon) that there is more about bikes at their site than there is about food. I'll let
    you know what we come up with!!

    Z) This may come as late notice, but does anyone local to Santa Cruz have access to a bike powered
    TV that we can run at our Earth Day Booth? Or a bike powered generator that we could use to run
    our lap top computer? As per, <http://www.BikeRoute.com/MayorFestNews/3-10-03.html#Anchor-35326>,
    <http://www.BikeRoute.com/MayorFestNews/4-14-03.html#Anchor-49575> we'd like to be able to show
    the Free Cycles Missoula DVD that will describe the Outdoor Bike Church that we will be holding
    at our Santa Cruz NBG Bike Fest . This video is now on-line at

    MARTIN KRIEG: "Awake Again" Author c/o BikeRoute.com 79 & 86 TransAms, nonprofit Nat. Bicycle
    Greenway CEO

    Ever wanted anything so bad U were willing to die for it? Really die? By moving thru clinical death
    and reversing paralysis, *I saw God* when I answered that question.

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