Need advice on Muddyfox Hornet

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    I need some advice on the Muddyfox Hornet - I've received the bike, but see pictures below
    Overall viewpoint: is it a good bike to buy??
    I'm not planning to go into the deepet of forests and go wild - but don't want something that will break in 6 months time either

    I saw a Muddyfox Hornet for sale on Argos for £80
    Wow I thought, so I snapped it up quick time
    Not available now, all sold out!

    Muddyfox: I thought this was like the BMW of bikes (I don't actually know all that much about bikes so don't know if this is entirely true or not) - or at least believed to be a really good and reliable make

    The bike had no reviews on Argos
    After buying, I googled and cam across countless bad reviews!
    I emailed Argos straight away and told them not to post the bike if it meant that I would have to pay for postage if there was a problem with the bike (didn't get a reply to date - 3 days later)

    Bike received today... a few problems
    I've put the bike together now...

    1. It's missing the wheel nuts on either side for the front wheel - so I haven't been able to ride
    Tyres were deflated in any case

    2. The back brakes has the wire sticking out. It hits the pedal
    See the pic below:


    This is a problem right??

    3. Even before unwrapping, I saw some brown 'stuff'
    Brown is bad right? Brown = rust???

    This is the pic before unwrapping:


    This is the pic after unwrapping AND wiping with a tissue several times:


    There are tiny signs in other places of browness

    Should I just stop and request a return and refund now?

    4. The other thing is: the bike is 19kg
    OK... I purchased knowing this - I weighed up against the price + the fact that I was getting what I thought was a really good brand name
    Should I get a refund a get something 2 or 3kg lower in weight??
    I'm not going to be biking loads + my budget would be £120 - £130 max

    Thanks in advance