New to road cycling - buying advice


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Mar 16, 2003
Hi all,

I have recently just gotten into road cycling and my 25 year old bike passed down from a friend is fairly passed its time.

I have around £350 to spend tops, basically looking for the best that I can get out of my money..

If anyone can recommend anything, or even a few stores (preferably in Scotland or online) that have a good range, then I would be most grateful.

Just to clarify - my limited technical know-how at this stage makes me want to get a full set up, instead of buying all the parts individually. The bike doesn't have to be a 2003 model or anything, as long as it is decent.

I am around 5` 8" with quite long legs.


edit: i've been browsing these forums and the Giant OCR 3 seems like a good starter. Anyone got any opinions?


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Nov 16, 2002
350 is not much is just not enough to buy something new that you can call decent. Get a friend who knows something about bikes and look out for second hand only chance to get something decent for the little money you have to spend.