Off-road in Virginia USA


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Feb 2, 2002
I visit Virginia for a short time at the end feb 2002 and am keen to get mucky with my bike in the shenandoah valley or appalachians (george washington NF?). Groups that regularly ride these areas, please get in touch with any suggestions/invitations you can make.
Cheers, Tim
[email protected]
Welcome to the board, crashbandicoot.

There's a Virginia in SA aswell, but I doubt if that'll interest you. ;D
Hopefully MtnBikerChk and co. can help you out with some info here?

I've got a friend in VA! His name online name is sirknight6 - I'll get him here for ya!!

Hi Tim, welcome to the forum  :)

Rather than posting as a guest you can log in with your username and password  :) just click on the login link, if you cant remember your password you can either request it at the login screen or email me at [email protected]

Hey, I can give you a tip quite well as to were to ride!!! There are quite a few good places as well if your interested. Just send me an e-mail and I would be glad to help!!!!

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