Petition: Uploading of images feature.


Aug 11, 2001
What you see here is a desperate attempt on my side to try and convince Steve to add an 'image uploading' feature to the forums, meaning that we will be able to post pix directly from our pc's. Cool hey? 8)
So, grovel along with me and let's convince now! ;D
Excellent idea Vo2, plus the pages will:LOAD_QUICKER_TOO
Do it do it!

Everybody still believes I'm lying about my Missy Giove shot!

Please guv - I need this feature to regain my respect in the hood. My street cred is out the window!
Did I miss something? What's wrong with the "attach files" feature?

Seeing that so many of the members are IT gurus, let's brainstorm and sort it out. Steve, whatya say?
Is this the solution maybe?

Install says not to put your /YaBBImages images in the cgi-bin, but the install for the file attachment mod does say to put them in the cgi-bin.

So keep your /YaBBImages as is, but make a new directory:
Attachments Directory ./Attach
Attachments URL