Pezcyclingnews: Giro Savant Mips: Great Head


Jan 3, 2005
Very few have the cycling helmet knowledge to rival Giro. Already known for high safety and performance levels, Giro have partnered with MIPS to add some slippery, concussion mitigating tech to the new Savant.Looking around the bike room, I have helmets dating back far enough that theyre well past their safe-use date. While they still look good, the foam is just too old, especially given the heat and dryness of Arizona. A couple of them have paint or decals and sentimental value and theyve been sitting here for more than a decadeDespite their age, even going back 15 years, none of the foam and shell helmets I have hanging around were asinexpensive or as well featured (even without the MIPS addition) as the new Savant MIPSGiro are among several companies that have decided to add a helmet model that would have been a range topper just a few years ago and do so for what is less than half the cost that the range topper would have been. The new Savant and Savant MIPS are that model for Giro, tipping in at $109 for the MIPS and just $90 for the non-MIPS version.Thats 25 Wind Tunnel (channels join them) vents, In-Molded construction (A Polycarbonate shell with direct molded foam lining, made in a process that allows for complex shaping internally) and the Roc Loc 5 Retention systemThe flow through ventilation is visible at frontAnd those vents carry through to an open exhaust system.But youll notice a little something else inside...

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