Pezcyclingnews: Park Tool’s Prs-25 Team Issue Stand


Jan 3, 2005
Park Tool has been the industry standard for bike tools and stands for a very long time and for a darn good reason. Youre hard pressed to hit a shop without their stuff doing the daily duties. Their PRS-25 Team Issue stand is an impossible combination of shop-worthy clamp and great stability with the unlikely sidekick of light weight portability Ive been to a lot of bike shops Multiple states (I think all of them), a few countries and multiple shop visits in all of these places, yet I cant think of a single place that didnt have a Park Tool stand of some kind. At the very least there were tools from the company sitting around. I cant think of many things in cycling more accepted and wide spread than Park Tool.I have a wall full of their kit at home as well. Lots of it is well worn (except maybe tools for BB standards that seem to need replacing practically before you get them unwrapped) but it all functions like the day I bought it. You want things made from the right stuff and to the right tolerance when youre wrenching on kit worth thousands of dollars.It turns out that Park have been making stands before there were standsIt all got rolling in the early 60s in the back of a Minnesota bike shop Guys working on bikes exclusively basically got sick of trying to hold a frame in place while building up or working on things. Turning a...

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