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>And then there would be 'no placebo' effect as the person would know.

Well, I do believe some sort of coffee placebo could be developed. I doubt it
would be perfect, but since we are dealing with cancer and not a particularly
subjective condition, it would suffice.

The proof of the Gerson diet _should_ be in the pudding, but its not.

>And it isn't known if it's the caffeine in the coffee that does it.
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>> >Ludicrous!
>> >How does one do controls on the Gerson therapy? Please explain?
>> >Placebo double blind coffee enemas without coffee and juicing that

>> >involve vegetables?

>> One could use de-cafe coffee and could give the dieter drinks that may

>> cellulose & flavoring agents to simulate a juice drink.
>> Its not impossible, but it wouldn't be easy.
>> Still, it doesn't work so don't get your hopes up.