Re: Hooking the bike over the tailgate?

Discussion in 'Mountain Bikes' started by CP_1, Nov 24, 2005.

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    > Is it ok to hook bikes over the tailgate of my pickup? I saw a picture
    > of this being done and wondered whether there's any major draw backs to
    > it. Normally it's just me in the pickup so the bike gets the whole bed
    > to itself. But I'm providing transport this weekend and I'm expecting
    > to try and fit four bikes in the back. I thought if I just strap some
    > foam over the tailgate edge, some more foam on the bed and drop off the
    > back wheels, the bikes should fit nicely across the tailgate.
    > There's no REI down here in Trinidad so getting a good bike rack is
    > unlikely, plus my bike has a 20mm thru axle at the front and so QR type
    > racks are also a no go.
    > Cheers in advance for any advice.
    > Laters,
    > Marz

    Cheap and effective.