Re: Light Weight, Long Distance, Durable Road Wheels - Recommendations?

Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by [email protected], Mar 29, 2005.

  1. > So which components / wheels would you recommend?
    > Thanks,
    > Steve

    For your weight: Velocity Aerohead OC 32 hole rear, Aerohead 28 hole
    front. Have someone good lace them to Dura Ace or Ultegra hubs.

    Or, for that lighter than air feeling (can't speak to the durability)
    get them built with AmClassic hubs (60 gms for the front hub - scary!)
    and radially lace the front and ND rear (F/R 32 hole, DS 3x), 14/17
    spokes in front and ND rear, DS Rear 14/15.

    About a 1500 gm wheelset with reasonable expectation of durability.
    Others may beg to differ with that assertion due to spoking but go 2x
    in the front, ND rear and still about the same weight.

    With Dura Ace, about a 1650 gm wheelset? I have to agree with the
    other comment to not overlook cup and cone. I don't know if Shimano
    has adopted the same adjustment features as with Campy's top three
    groups' hubs but they are sure easy to mess with.

    Just some sick day ramblings from a fevered mind -