Re: Problem with new Shimano Cassette sticky freewheel action

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Qui si parla Campagnolo

Wayne wrote:
> Hi,
> I recently overhauled the drive train on my bike, fitting a new

> Cassette, New Chain and new chain rings. Sometimes when I stop

> the the ratchet or freewheel doesn't immediately work on the cassette

> the chain goes slack between the top of the cassette and the chain

> to the point it lands on the wheel stay, the chain on the underside
> eventually becomes so short that the freewheel kicks in and starts
> revolving properly. I've ridden about 80 odd miles now hoping it

> free up but it hasn't. Is it possible that I've overtightened the
> locking ring on the cassette or am I just unlucky and have a duff

> It's a Shimano 9sp Deore cassette.
> Thanks,
> Wayne.

Take the hub apart, remove the freehub body, turn it over, remove the
rubber seal, flush and lube with oil, not grease. I use Mobil One

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