Road Cycling clothing with a bit more protection/padding?


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May 6, 2011
Hi all, after crashing my road bike this week and breaking my arm as well as suffering two really nasty cuts/scrapes to both my shoulder and hip (which still wont heal over fully), id like to gather some opinions/suggestions on alternatives to just lycra cyling shorts/tops.

I'd like to wear something with more padding/protection but cant seem to find any road cycling gear that fits the bill. I notice there are a lot of MB options with added protection but whats the best approach for road cycling gear.

Id like some added protection form my shoulders/elbows and hips but dont to to sacrafice too much loss of movement/comfort.

What do you guys recomend?

Or maybee i just need to toughen up and take the knocks :)
i think padding could help but it could also be hindering to movement,
the ones you have seen in MTB are for downhill riders,
a road cyclist can do with 1 or 2 falls per year, i think you had some bad luck that's all,
The biggest danger to an athlete is actually heat stress and cycling clothing is made with this in mind. Cycling clothing is actually very good protection in this regard, and any attempt at protecting against less likely injuries due to crashes will impair this ability.
I know it's no comfort to those with broken skin and bones but the rate of crashes riders experience is relatively low compared to the gains made by being able to keep cool and carry relatively light clothing.

Nothing short of a set of motorcycle leathers will save you from road rash and nothing at all will save you from broken bones. But I would challenge anyone to climb a pass wearing a set of leathers!

Personally, I'd prefer to get injured once every couple of years if it means I can avoid getting heat stroke every time I ride.
Thank for the replies, i guess i'll grin and bear it then hopefully i have had my quota of crashes/broken bones for a while :)

I'll also check out that cream...