Road Cycling, not commuter cycling, in Amsterdam and Europe

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    I begin to make frequent business trips from Korea to Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
    It's a wonderful country for bike commuters/tourists but I'd like to know more as a road cyclist.

    I am preparing to enjoy cycling in Amsterdam and Europe and would like to find out the following.
    I usually ride between 50km to 200km with a few hills (maybe 2km to 10km long up to around 10 degree slopes).

    Your advise is more than welcome and appreciated.

    1. Are there any road cycling clubs for beginners and intermediate amateur cyclists as a hobby in Amsterdam whom I can group-ride with?
    2. Any bike shops in Amsterdam with a decent number of road cycles to choose from?
    3. Any book on road cycling with detailed maps, not only for the Netherlands and for Europe? I can get on a train or airplane with my bike and ride several hours and come back.

    Thank you in advance.

    - Song
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