Road Racing Bicycle advice needed!


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Dec 30, 2014
I'm looking at a road racing bicycle that seems a bit tall (it goes all the way to the crouch when standing, but I can put my feet flat on the ground and it's not too uncomfortable), and its center of gravity is a bit higher than what I'm used to. I'm concerned about not being able to lean into the turns when I need to, but I also know that with practice I "should" be able to get used to it so I can ride properly. So, my question is: should I look for one an inch shorter (to go with the recommendation of leaving an inch of room between the top of the frame and your crouch), or am I correct in thinking I should be able to get used to riding it after a bit of practice? I have ridden it and it feels good, it's just a bit higher than what I'm used to and I'm a bit shaky (nervous about leaning into the turns) because of it when riding. I haven't tried shifting the gears yet, as I was trying to get used to riding it, but I will go through the gears before I purchase it. Thank you for your advice. I will consider what you say and will make up my mind based on what I've learned from you. Remember, the important thing I need advice on is in bold. Have a great New Year!
Sight unseen, I'm going to say no. Taking a chance on a bike that might be too big nearly always means it is too big. But if you want a more informed opinion, why not post a photo of the bike and your height?
Unfortunately, I can't get a photo of the bicycle. It's at my LBS (a reputable one) and I don't plan on going back there until I need another part or I purchase the bike. My main concern with the bicycle is that it is a bit higher than I am used to, but I think I can get used to riding it with a bit of practice. However, I can't afford to be wrong because I'd be out $150. So, do you have any experience in getting used to a bicycle that is a bit taller than you're used to? Thank you for your advice. I would be inclined to agree that if it feels a bit too big, it probably is. Have an awesome week!
After thinking about it, I was wondering what you thought of this bike. Is that company reputable? Is this a good bicycle? I've been cycling for just over a year and have ridden a full suspension mtn bike for that time, but would like a racing bike with the downturned handlebars. The size should be right on this bicycle, so I'm mainly concerned with getting a good bicycle that doesn't need a major (preferable not minor either) tune-up to get it in shape to ride. Thank you for your continued support and advice!
Originally Posted by J4C8-GreenGo
After thinking about it, I was wondering what you thought of this bike. Is that company reputable? Is this a good bicycle?
Never heard of the bicycle or the online distributor. For $173, the bike can't be too bad. Can't be too good either. I'd pass on it. The real bike companies haven't made road bikes with 7-speed freewheels for over 20 years, and Shimano AO50 drivetrain is strictly Wal-Mart grade. If you buy this bike, by spring you'll be asking us how to upgrade it, and we'll tell you it will cost a lot more than what you paid for it.

Take a deep breath, take your time, and find a dealer who will size a bike to you in a manner that makes you feel confident about your decision. Then if you still have to cut costs, purchase online from somebody who is reasonably reputable, like And be aware that with whatever you buy online, you'll likely be paying a local shop $70-100 to build and tune it.

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