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WEll, i went to Dunc Gray Velo last night and had a look around, MY GOD ITS STEEP!!! you guys didnt warn me out on that bit!

Well, after seeing it in real life, i am hoping everyone can post any safety tips or racing rules here to help ppl out like myself who will be riding on a velodrome for the first time (next wednesday to be exact!).

Im so excited now, but so very scared! its like a wall..not a bank!!! lol :eek:

Is it true that on DGV if u ride slower than 30km/h on the banking u lose grip and slide down the track????

I've been doing track at Lidcombe velo since January and was meant to start winter training at DGV on friday nights but am out of action due to a crash at training. So i need to get as much info about riding on DGV as possible before racing/training there.

not sure, all they said was that i would get a good rider to go around and me stick right behind them on their speed so i learn how to do it. All i can say is that it is REALLY steep each end, and STEEP along the straight! lol

Im terrified, prolly wont even go halfway up the bank for a few weeks until iget a feel for how fast I will need to go I think.. come down tonight if you can, im going to have a look at the racing because once im up and running i will have a go at the friday night races so i want to see what I am in for!

cant go tonight going out to dinner. Also i cant drive anywhere because of my injury.(thats the prob with DGV, no public transport)

Doesn't matter i have plenty of ops to watch on friday nights cos im out til after July.

Do they do more endurance or sprint events?????or both?
I hate enduro(doing it not watching :p)

Is the intro to track session at 6pm for everyone or just kids???

So how steep is the track? Is it wood?

Anyway here's the tips...

If you've got new tyres on your bike make sure that you wear them in before riding on the boards. Some new tyres can be a bit slippy, so riding in anti-clockwise circles in a car park for 5 mins sorts them out. The more air in the tyres you have the more slippy they are too, so you might want to go closer to the minimum pressure than the maximum.

When riding the track for the first few laps you'll be tempted to lean into the banking! You should relax, just imagine that you are riding a sunday club run.

Get into the habit of holding a line (and not wobbling up and down the track like other newbies) as soon as you can. You'll find you become much more popular as people don't mind riding close to you. To do this look at the lines in the wood of the track, or the other lines (blue, black, red) and try to steer a straight line based on these.

Remember that its no harder to ride at the top than at the bottom as its the same gradient all the way up. At the top you'll have to hold a higher minimum speed than at the bottom, but you'll be suprised just how slow you can go.

Make sure that you look every time you 'change' or change your line. People don't expect sudden movements and you may 'take out' people who are overtaking you. By looking you make sure that no one is coming up on you, flicking an elbow is not enough!

There are kids and adult training..not sure on the setup but i thinkg juniors/beginners at 6 and sometime after that its the rest..if you call Barrie McLean on 0419 434 046 or email [email protected] he can tell you all the details on who trains when and so on...(Im 21, but have never ridden on track before)

Im going for my first time ever on a track, this wednesday..hehe my FIRST time on a track and i m going to, oh well, everything after this will probably seem easy!
heheh not till tonight, we start at 530pm, i am now so nervous..ive got umm 3 and a half hours till i have to be there..thinking of not doing it..but if i dont now i never will!!

will post tonight and let you all know how i main fear is the hell do you stop with no brakes anyway! oh and clipless pedals..yes .....i am the numpty who falls over at the lights caus i cant get my foot out... 8)
WOW!!! All I can say is it was so AWESOME!!!! heheh i did 2 and a half hours and it was the best thing I have ever done, the first time i got up past the pole line (i think thats the blue one??!) i just cracked up laughing and said to myself " this is it, this is what i want to do!" If you are in sydney, and havent tried out DGV.. give it a go, seriously after 10 minutes i was flying around it no worries, and i havent been on a track before or a bike at all for the last 8 months..!!! It was the most amazing feeling coming onto the straight after zooming around the shorter end!

I LOVE TRACK! Im seriously hooked now! woohoo!! no where near as scary as I expected.. I spent 4 30 minute sessions following the motorbike around..ended up being able to sit on 40km/h comfortably which is great for me considering the fact i havent been training apart from 2 weeks on the bike in the gym. Im really looking forward to doing more..cant wait till im fast enough to keep up with some of the better riders there...!

I would also like to say, i found that the cyclists are really great people to talk to, everyone was happy to help me.. no one laughed at me either! was the best feeling riding around there, knowing that olympic gold medals had been won on that track..its truly an amazing feeling! :) ;) :D ;D 8)
Well done. You've been zapped by track. That's great. Yes it is something else. Motorpace is a buzz! Great for leg speed. Plus you can set the bike at any speed ... its so flexible. Big time venues get the adrenaline pumping and good performances usually follow. 8) 8)
Damn all these people showing their excitement makes me want to go out and do it!

Being injured sux big time :mad:

looks like i'll have to rock down every friday night and watch, plus chain myself to the seat so i dont attempt to get on the bike and do a few laps. :p
d*mn all these people showing their excitement makes me want to go out and do it!

Being injured sux big time

looks like i'll have to rock down every friday night and watch, plus chain myself to the seat so i dont attempt to get on the bike and do a few laps.
yes it sucks i too have been forcing myself to hold back and not ride every day. Best to wait till my knee is fully healed before i do that.
Gear Grinder

how long till your knee heals??????What actual damage have you done to it????
well the doctor said a few weeks untill it heals. Basicaly both nees had damage to the 'cartilage' due to the impact of the car/bitumen. my right knee healed completely a few weeks ago but the left must of had more impact as its still ****ling.
hows you injuries going?
Im getting movement back in the shoulder but it's still a bit stiff and sore. The wound had complications ie it got infected and put my training back a few weeks but ive been back on the bike on the indoor trainer since this friday night. I just finished a session ;D
Start leg weights at the gym tomorrow so all is beginning to look up :)
Probably wont hit the road for another 2 weeks until i get full strength back in my arm/shoulder

A couple of things to think about. Try to be smooth as you circulate around. Don't tense your arms. Stay relaxed. If your arms are too tense/stiff your legs will tense up. When things are less hectic on the track practice riding the red line. 8) 8)

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