Sample of probable Ebay Bike rip off****


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Nov 19, 2003

As a vauge public service (to forum members) I though I would post a typical "scam sale" on Ebay. The bike looks good, and the price is right, but:
No size (can get 'all sizes' just send money)
When asked he will not do escrow
Will only take Western Union, but "transfer to his name, but say 'payment to friend' not 'purchase'"....
At one point I offered to arrange pick up in Milan, but he declined, despite fact he saves shipping and insurance...

Just for fun I exchanged email with this clown. Below is his reply: interesting reading.

p.s. I did warn the buyer...

The bike size is 54cm(medium)C-T.If you are intrested in another size of the bike please tell me and I will call my source to see if your option is available for sale.I live in Italy and here I find it a great source of the bikes.The bike what I'm selling is brand new, factory sealed with ALL the accesories.It will come with waranty fully transferable to your name and with the receipt from the authorized dealer so you can use the warranty at every authorized service center with no problem.
I used and I use for shipping the big concern UPS but if you want you can choose another mail carrier it's not a problem that. If you will choose UPS, it usually takes 48 hours until the bike is delivered. I will cover the shipping and insurance costs and I usualy send all of my packages with a label that says either "display unit, no commercial value" or describes the contents of the package as a gift so that you don't have to pay any additional taxes,it's with VAT included.
About the payment I have more than 3 years of experience in these business and I have closed a lot of sucessful deals you can check my feedback on e-bay for you can be sure about that. In all this period I learned that the best deals are closed when the risk is minimized for the both the seller and buyer. As a result, I have developed a system that can work to this goal. You will have to do the money transfer through Western Union to my location but not into my name. Instead, you can use any name you want,your best friends name for example, as receiver's name so you can be sure that I will not pick up the money until you receive the bike. Once you have made the deposit at Western Union, you will notify me of the transfer details(sender's name and receiver's name) so that I can call at Western Union office to check that if the transaction is valid and if it's so, I will then immediately send you the bike and email you the tracking number from UPS. When you receive the bike and verify its quality, you will then change the transfer to my name so that I can collect the payment. My old buyers made the transfer at Western Union direct to my name, which is easier and I will be happy if you can trust me and make the transfer with my details, but because this would be our first deal, I am proposing this very safe and efficient method.
Return policy: In case you change your mind after receiving the package and want to cancel the order, you can ship it back to me and retrieve the money from Western Union. Also, in case the delivery does not arrive on time, please email me and I'll contact the mail carrier.
Very important! When you'll make the transfer, do NOT tell to Western Union that you are makeing a payment for a purchase, because they will charge us both. When you will change the receiver name into mine so I can get the money I will not receive the same amount you are sending, and I already support the shipping and insurance costs. Better tell them that you are sending the money for a relative of yours.
I hope you will agree this procedure and I wait your answer asap.
I hope that we will close the business as soon as possible.
Best Regards!

I had the same conversations with this clown about 2 months ago. Had a Trek 5200, Trek Time Trial, and others for $1500. I knew it was to good. He said only pre approved bidders then took the auctions down. He said he had to many buyers trying to be approved and asked if I stil wanted any of the bikes. He gave me the same stuff about paying and i never replied knowing this was ****. Funny stuff. Hopefully no one believed this ****.
the wesern union part always gives it away. they can get the money with minimum effort.
I would report them to ebay it has to be a jacked account.
My LBS sells Treks at about an 18% discount. That's for a bike that is new and warranted. I get to test fit and test ride it, and inspect it closely before I buy. Then I can bring it home with me.

Maybe I'm old-fashioned, or risk-adverse, but I'll gladly pay a few hundred bucks more to do business this way. Ordering something sight unseen from a stranger is too risky for me.
I'm happy to buy bits and bobs off sites like wiggle, but not whole bikes and certainly not off ebay.
Originally posted by Aztec
I'm not so sure it's a scam. But definitely someone unethical.

Wow! I tell they guy I'll pay cash, pick it up, and he says no, he would rather pay UPS and the insurance? Bike in all sizes, but none posted? Just send cash, don't tell Ebay? Don't tell Western Union, just label "cash to friend".... This screams scam!

You are more trusting then me, that is for sure!
Joking aside, scam or unethical, I thought the cycleforum crowd should be warned. This guy is bad, I know we agree.
Here are couple of scams I ran across recently.

I saw a eBay listing for 3 2003 Giant TCR Composite with Ultegra for $1399 including shipping on eBay just this past week. I first asked the seller where they were located and what wheelsets. "They" said "they" were in Chicago and it came with Ksyrium SLs. Then I asked if I may get their # so I can discuss possibly buying all 3 since the listing stated that you can do a "Buy it now" but there was no indication or button on the listing to do a "buy it now". They emailed me back and stated that they can't give me a number because "they" were a policeman. I then id myself as a police officer also and asked if they worked for Chicago PD. I also asked if they can do a COD or Escrow service such as The response - "I told you how can you buy it. i am sorry no escrow or cod for this items, only cash by western union". Yeah right - smells like scam written all over. Ebay ID was new with no feedback, current bids on the item was kept private so you couldn't see who had bidded on the item. So I was supposed to trust this person? I told them I was going to report them since I am in Fraud Investigations for my department. Listing was immediately pulled about 20 minutes right after my last email and user ID deleted. Here is the thread from our email conversation.


No contact info. No picture. You never told me how how I can buy. It is not even listed in your auction, where does it say Western Union? Any you say you are a cop? Give me you Star #. Sounds like a fraud to me. You will be investigated.

-----Original Message-----
From: (scammer)
Sent: Tuesday, January 27, 2004 10:33 AM
To: (removed)
Subject: RE: Question for seller -- Item #3657059877

I told you how can you buy it. i am sorry no escrow or cod for this items, only cash by western union

(removed) wrote:

I noticed that you relisted your bikes. How do I do a "buy it now"? Are you still interested in selling them to me? Can you do a COD or Escrow service -

-----Original Message-----
From: (scammer)
Sent: Monday, January 26, 2004 9:26 AM
To: (removed)
Subject: RE: Question for seller -- Item #3657059877

Yes all comp are brand new in box never opened. i am sorry it is in a box and i don`t have pictures. Yes i will sell it for $1400 if you will buy it until auction to end. i am at work and i can`t give you my phone from here , cause i am police man.

(removed) wrote:
Is all components new? Please send a picture. You want $1399 if I do a "buy it now"? Is there a # I can reach you at to discuss?

-----Original Message-----
From: (scammer)
Sent: Monday, January 26, 2004 1:15 AM
To: (removed)
Subject: Re: Question for seller -- Item #3657059877

Mavic Ksyrium SL wheels(the mac daddies!)
Chicago IL.

(removed) wrote:

what are the wheelset and where are you located?

Question from: (removed)
Title of item: GIANT TCR Composite 1 New !!!
Seller: (scammer)
Starts: Jan-24-04 13:57:14 PST
Ends: Jan-31-04 13:57:14 PST
Price: Currently $999.00
To view the item, go to:


Here is the potential second scam:

NEW 2004 R6000 IN 54CM WITH ALL THE GOODIES. FULL CAMPY SETUP. SPECS ARE AS FOLLOWS: Team Replica Specs: Frame:Optimo Hollowgrami, Fork:Slice Si, full carbon, Rims: Mavic Ksyrium SL, Hubs: Mavic Ksyrium SL, Spokes: Mavic Ksyrium SL, Tires: Hutchinson Fusion Team Series 700 x 23c, Pedals:Not included, Crank:Cannondale Si Hollowgram 39/53 gearing, Chain:Campagnolo Record, Rear Cogs: Campagnolo Record 12-25 gearing, Bottom Bracket:Cannondale Si Hollowgram, Front Derailleur: Campagnolo Record, Rear Derailleur: Campagnolo Record, Shifters: Campagnolo Record, Handlebars: Cinelli RAM Gold Saeco/Cannondale Ltd Edition, Stem: Cinelli RAM, Gold Saeco/Cannondale Ltd Edition, Headset:Campagnolo Record Hiddenset-carbon, Brakeset: Campagnolo Record, Brakelevers: Campagnolo Record, Saddle: Fi'zi:k Aliante Carbon Team Edition, Seat Post: USE Alien, Colors: Team Saeco Replica (gloss) red/black/wht !

I emailed this person and he stated he was in Italy. Wanted 1/2 the payment via Western Union before he would send out. Wanted $2100 for the bike. Stated that he lived in San Francisco but moved to Italy. Wasn't able to find anyone in Italy to buy the bike so tried to sell it on Take a look at the eBay link below. See something familiar in the description? Hmm...?

Moral of the story? If the deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is a scam. Trust me I know, I see victims everyday.

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