single speed: romantic foolishness?

Discussion in 'Bike buying advice' started by leconkie, Feb 15, 2008.

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    May 30, 2004
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    hi there,
    I'm really torn between a Charge Plug and Charge Tap. I love the idea of s.s but don't know whether living in a reasonably hilly city and quite a hilly country means I'll get limited use out of it. Any s.speeders out there who've had to go thru the fitness curve? Is it just a question of bearing up until your legs realise they have to toughen up?

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    I started using a fixie last fall for winter training and recovery and noodling around town. It's not my only bike, and I limit my fixie rides to fairly flat (rolling) terrain.

    If you gear low enough fitness won't be too much of an obstacle unless you live in a place like San Francisco. A gear in the 61-68" range should get you up most hills if they're not too steep or long. Of course you won't spin like Lance, and there's always walking. I'm using a 77 with toeclips and a pretty streamlined position, fine for flat terrain but a little stiff for going uphill and into the wind.

    I don't think the fixie's made my legs stronger but it improves my spin and flexibility, and makes me smile. Knowing it's a 45-year-old track bike is part of the experience.

    To compute gear inches use
    teeth on chainring / teeth on wheel cog x nominal wheel diameter (27")