So Many Obstacles

Mr. Beanz

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Aug 18, 2015
Can't believe the rough start to the cycling year. Having to rescue people who are contracting covid. Trying my best to deal with them but keeping myself and Gina clean. If other people would practice good covid avoiding habits, it would be much easier on my cycling.

Today I woke up ready to ride but thinking about having to run around the house Trying to avoid the others I said screw it. I'm getting ready then taking off. Not riding but hoping to avoid covid myself.

Vaccinated but wondering if that even helps. My MIL has all Vaccinations and boosters but still got it doing a week in the hospital just after Christmas.

So today, brunch fajitas. Then a visit to the mall. A drive up into the canyon to take a few pics of Gina in the bush.

Then an Italian dinner at a place we had been wanting to try. Was good. No riding but sometimes obstacles get in the way. But I made the best of it.


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