How many bikes would you have if you could?

I will own A LOT of bikes if I have all the money in the world. Realistically though, I think I'll cap myself at 4 - 1 mountain and 1 road bike and a backup for each in case anything happens.

Robin Williams owned A LOT of bikes, but all the money in the world won't make you happy, nor owning a thousand bikes, it surly didn't make Robin Williams happy, besides you can only ride one at a time, and personally I wouldn't want the decision as to which of the 1000 bikes I'm going to ride that day! I know, that's crazy talk.

One road and one MTB would cover it, not sure why you would need a backup bike for each discipline unless your racing, a MTB can be ridden on the street so that could be your backup too. It's not that I don't hear you, but if money is tight there really isn't any reason to have more than 2 bikes, paying off your mortgage or your car payment or your credit card(s) way ahead of time would be FAR more satisfying than having a couple of extra bikes. Again I'm talking crazy.
The one that I have is enough for me. I don't really enjoy lots of bikes as it is also means that I will spend more in keeping them in shape. So, I think that keeping my radar in shape is the best thing that I can do.
I have two bikes, a hybrid men's bike and a Specialized fat bike. I like to have the two because of the difference in the rides. The fatty is used on my morning rides (I'm retired and have time for morning rides), and the hybrid on my evening rides.

The fatty wasn't cheap but the hybrid - a Schwinn - was cheap. I ordered that one on line, expecting to have to do some work on it. The first thing I had to do was put new tires and tubes on it, despite the bike being brand new.

I bought it because I wanted to learn a bit about bikes, something I could take apart and upgrade, or throw away if I butchered it. So I bought tools and started to take it apart. First, swap the cup and cone BB for a cartridge. Then a new crank set because the large chain ring had three teeth missing.

Next, I could see as I rode that the front wheel was dished, so I took it apart, spoke by spoke and put it back together, using a truing stand and spoke tension gauge. It was perfect!

Changed the handlebars and grips, saddle, added a rear rack, lights, fenders, and now it's a great bike. It's nice to have a second bike to experiment on. I wouldn't have done all that if it had been my only bike.

I think I need a third bike in poor shape to strip down, repaint and rebuild.

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