Spinergy X-Areo wheelset

Vo2. copy this URL (http://www.supergo.com/itemdisplay.asp?compflag=0&parentid=17530&company=Formula&secid=7559&subid=7569) to find the perfect pictures. You can enlage the pic's. At the price advertize on that site, maybe you must become friendS with the ausie cricketers. So when they go back, Rickie can send a package back. You can give him a good healthy tip and you'll still save 40% on what we're charged in SA.
Those are the same pics I posted originally (from the same website)???
I had a look at a pair of Spinergy Xaero wheels last weekend at Willie Engelbrechts bike shop. They were R5900. Very nice looking and also very light. I would definately like a pair. Just can't justify paying 6 Grand for a pair of wheels unless I win the lottery. Mind you they will look at home on my bike.... Ah well dream on I guess.....