Sram/Shimano Cassette on Campy Hubs


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Aug 5, 2013
There was a thread earlier saying that you could make this work by swapping the free hub body which is common for both Campy and Fulcrum. A local LBS says that it is true for the factory built wheels but not for the rear hub sold separately. Does anybody have any insight?
Almost all rear hubs are available with a SRAM/shimaNO or Campy freehub body/carriers. Most manufacturers offer brand specific freehub bodies/carriers separately. Then, there is the aftermarket parts for older/discontinued hub models.

Finding the separate bodies 'may' be a bit of a challenge without resorting to mail/internet ordering.

Campy-to-shimaNO freehub body show and nomenclature here in Campy tech catalog specifications.

Oshner should be able to supply you the correct cassette body if you furnish them with the model/approx. year of your hubs.
Thanks. My usual LBS claims to be able to get the part. Orders go in on Monday and back Wed. It is for Record hubs. Saw the part on the Modern Bike site for about the same price I was quoted so will hit them up if the LBS cannot get the part. My sticking point is that the usual LBS of my buddy that is giving me the wheel had said the Record hubs that are sold separately do not use the same free hub bodies as the factory wheels and you could not do the swap.

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