Tennessee rider hit by car on video

It has been shown multiple times here.
Looks like it was intentional.
Yeah, I saw this on FB. I had to play Devil's Advocate on that one, and I'm afraid, I started a firestorm on the local cycling group, there. I know it's legal to "take the lane" on what cyclists consider narrow road ways, but I asked the question whether this rider would have been hit had he and his companion been riding single file vs. so close to the yellow line. I try to ride to the far right of the roadway and will only take the lane if I encounter broken pavement, tree branches or some kind of obstruction in the road way. I did take the lane the other day going over a narrow bridge, and really got honked at by a motorist, approaching from my rear, but the motorist stayed behind me until I could get off the bridge and move over.

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