The most prevalent long term effects of weed


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Nov 10, 2020
Do you know what people who smoke marijuana for a while, complain of the most? You might think that since I have a site about weed addiction, that a lot of people are having trouble stopping. That's not the case though.

People are looking to stop smoking weed for a reason, and that reason is more often or not relating to their health. After you've been smoking weed for a long time, like years of pot smoking, there comes a time when it will start to impact your health.

There are people who can smoke it in moderation for years and not have health problems, but there still is a large percentage of people who do become plagued with health cnoditions.

That's the why behind a lot of people wanting to quit and it's only after they realize that it's caught up with them, that they will go into a sort of "damage control" mode.

Taking steps, like quitting, so that they can minimize the effects of weed on their health.

Among the most common reported, there's COPD, chronic bronchitis and the one that lurks the most is emphysema.

So while people are debating over whether weed is or isn't addictive and/or just continuing to smoke it, there's still stuff going on under the hood which can drastically change your life if you aren't paying attention to what's going on with your health.

Here's a question that you might have asked before.

If marijuana is so bad for you, why is it that it's used for medicinal purposes?

The answer lies in how you use the drug. If you're smoking it daily, then it's the other chemicals you put through it that causes the ill effects of weed. If you were to use it, the way it's advised for medical purposes which is to take it orally, then it's just the cannabanoids in the drug that's going into your system.

That's not been proven to be addictive and the side effects are usually along the lines of depression. Sometimes that's already a problem before people start smoking it though.

Conditions of the lung are common though and they're also really serious.

Think for a minute about the amount you smoke. Do you smoke cannabis as well as cigarettes/tobacco when you don't have any draw? A lot of people do and for those who like a cigarette and have done for years, you'll probably be all too familiar with the guitar in the morning. Especially when you have a chest infection of some sort.

You wake up in the morning, light your first smoke and after a drag, you're choking your lungs up. For those with emphysema, which can be a long term effect of weed smoking, those people have that to contend with daily.

Now you know the facts on marijuana, you'll be able to monitor how much you're smoking cannabis and perhaps think about cutting it down a bit. Not everyone wants to stop smoking weed, but it's better to moderate your use of it and limit the effects it can take on your health, later in life.
The worst thing is that people think it is a medical cure all drug. I know a guy with health problem then figured smoking weed and spending all his money on weed was a good idea. Now he's in a bed and can barely work the remote control and locked up in a little room barely able to walk. His wife is dating other men and his 10 year old daughter treats him like ****.

No, weed does not cure everything!
Cannabis is legal in Canada. There are two or three (maybe more) stores within easy walking distance of my house.

And no, I don't smoke it.
Only low-quality cannabis can do harm. You need to clearly understand what kind of product you are buying and be sure of the quality of this product. Marijuana really helps in the treatment of many diseases. Although not all of them. But it is important to use high-quality weed without impurities and in compliance with the technology of drying or squeezing oils. I have been using cannabis oils for a long time and buy them from a good manufacturer. In addition, I use to track shipments en route. All this allows me to really get the most out of using cannabis products.

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