Time trial/Triathlon bike fit


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Jun 18, 2012

I am looking at getting a new Time Trial or triathlon bike,
I have been doing Olympic distance triathlons seriously for a few years and have just used a standard 2010 Jamis Xenith Pro road bike with clip on aero bars, now i have some funding that will allow me to get a time trial bike and firstly was wondering what size to get
i am 183cm tall or 6ft and have a inseam measurement of 84cm or 33inches and currently ride a size 58 road frame
The bike im looking at getting is a Jamis Xenith T2 2011 and i have the option of a 56 or 54

The bike details can be veiwed here http://www.jamisbikes.com/usa/thebikes/road/xenith/11_xenitht2.html

Secondly i was wondering how much wear would you expect a bike kitted with a sram red Groupo have if it has done between 8-9000km (4900miles-5600mile)? and how this will effect its performance? and how many more kms or miles will it have left in it?



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