Tires: Do they make Carlistle Zephyr Flyte clones?


May 11, 2014
I'm looking for some tires which look like old Carlistle Zephyr Flyte. Is this tread design outdated or can you still find it? I'm finding a few "vintage" new old stock CZF tires in the 26x2 inch size I'm wanting, though I would like to find something in current production.
Post pictures.

Tread pattern?
Whitewall? Blackwall? Bluewall?
Schwinn 26" standard or conventional 26" standard?
Looking for a restoration replacement or something close?

Carlisle made its last bicycle tire in 1987, but the Indonesians or Chinese will have something close. Cruised the web yet?
I figured Carlistle quit making bike tires awhile ago and went to mostly mower tires. They ars what I call a "stripe" tread. (the tracks are a series of parallel stripes) I think they come in whitewall and blackwall. I have a 20x1.75 inch blackwall. I would rather have blackwall. As mentioned, I'm finding a LOT of NOS Carlistles, but no current production clones. I would figure the NOS tires would check as soon as I mounted them. Why can't I post pictures? It always " forgets what it is doing."