Trek Speed Concept WTF?


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Sep 16, 2010
I just got a Trek Speed Concept....a $12,000 bike...and the box at the back (which supposedly makes the bike faster) rubs on the tire constantly when fully inflated. Has anyone else had this problem? Seems like a bad joke to me - how does a massive company like Trek let a bike that costs this much go out the door with this kind of a problem?? I've tried using washers, rubber strips, everything I can think of under the box to make it sit higher, but nothing works!
Any luck with this yet?

You may have solved this already, but I would suspect the bike's compatibility with the tire size. The same size rim can have a slightly different diameter with different tire types. I'd be surprised if your supplier didn't check this, however, as that would be a huge quality control fumble. It is a possibility if you bought the frame and are trying to use your old wheels, but how much contact is being made? Does it rub consistently over the entire tire, prevent movement altogether, or make contact at only a couple of spots?

What I would do:
- Verify wheel is true, wheel sits correctly in rear drops, and box is properly attached
- Continue work with spacers to buy as much height as possible with the box itself
- Consider putting spacers in the rear drops so that the wheel seats further from the bottom of the box

If still an issue, from there I would check with a tri/bike shop for a tire that fits the rims but sits lower for a slightly smaller diameter. If your bike shop can't solve the problem you may consider modifying the box further (shaving the bottom or cutting the connecting points and taping/gluing), but having spent so much on a setup marketed as not needing to be uglied up with that sort of work, I would not be happy about that...

If you solved this already let us know!