Triple Bypass Colorado ride for a low-lander

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    There is a ride called the Triple Bypass in Colorado. It's 120 miles long and has three mountain passes that are between 10000 and 12000 feet. I would love to take the family up to Colorado for a week vacation around the time this ride happens. The mere challenge of it makes it extremely attractive to me.

    Ride details for this past year:

    The problem is that I see is that I live at 600 feet altitude and weigh 190 (working on getting down to 170ish (12% body fat)). I am not spending money on altitude tents for the live high/train low training. It's too expensive from what I've seen for a recreational ride.

    Am I nuts for even considering this since I don't live at altitude?

    I can do 100 miles on relatively flat terrain. My FTP is around 250w currently.