Tube Pinhole Needs Glue Plus A Patch? Airless Tires?

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by bikebike3, Sep 4, 2015.

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    I have 2 tubes with pinholes. I bought some cheap patch kits (levers, patches, abrasive pad, glue) off ebay from china for like $3 shipped each. I think one of the two orders forgot the glue or I misplaced it, so I already just put all purpose "Rubber Glue" (not rubber cement) on the pinholes after deflating the tubes. The rubber glue instructions say to put it on both surfaces and let dry ~10 mins and stick them together like contact cement. I let it dry a lot longer than that thinking that I don't need a patch since it's only a pinhole. If I really should put a patch, then I will put some more rubber glue on the tube, should be good enough I guess. I didn't install the tube yet.

    questions is do you always put a patch even if it's just a pinhole?

    Has anyone had any experience using "Rubber Glue" on a tube? I don't want to have a blowout or rely on my $5 portable pump to fix a slow leak because I am discovering it might be real tricky or impossible to get this cheap pump to inflate anywhere near adequate PSI (it just starts leaking out the pump when I get like 3/4 the way. I'm not sure, maybe I have to learn a trick for it but my regular full sized pump works fine. I have two different ~$5 plastic pumps, both are giving me problems.

    I just used Rubber Glue last resort because I wanted to ride today/tomorrow. I just learned about vulcanized rubber glue (or something like that) that is highly recommended as tube glue and is found in I think autozone places so I might buy that eventually. I have 2 brand new tubes but I don't want to really put them in this cheap Huffy mountain bike that I want to sell. I really want to go tubeless with my new ~$300 bike I am wanting to buy, like with airless foam inserts or the honeycomb sort of hollow airless tires they got now. I don't think the cheaper foam inserts (~$30 each) are recommended for mountain bikes but I know the ~$100 (each) honeycomb ones are. but I don't know If I want a road or mountain bike or hybrid either, might get both.

    Anyway, anyone have recommendations for airless tires? I don't really want a puncture tape or slime injection, I want something that I am %100 ensured won't leak and it seems so delicate and pointless to use rubber tubes in this day and age. thanks.