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    Uwharrie Wheelmen/Uwharrie Mountain Bike Association
    Summer Ride

    9 AM, Saturday, June 26

    We will have an advanced ride and a no-rider-left-behind
    beginner ride. After the ride, we'll have hot dogs and
    hamburgers on the grill. If you think you are coming, email
    [email protected] so we can have plenty of grub. If
    in doubt, don't email, but come anyway! The advanced ride
    will be at least one loop of Keyauwee/Supertree. The
    beginner ride will likely be Supertree only depending on
    skill levels of riders. We want to show-off improvements
    made during the last three Trail Care Days.

    We will meet at the Uwharrie National Forest Parking Lot 1.5
    miles east of the bridge over Lake Tillery/Pee Dee River on
    24/27. The parking lot is located 11 miles east of Albemarle
    and 9 miles west of Troy on 24/27.

    Future Trail Care Days: July 17, August 21, September 18,
    October 16, and Dec. 12.

    Check www.rideumba.com and www.uwharriewheelmen.org for
    updates, or email [email protected],
    [email protected], or [email protected]

    Currently trail conditions are the best they've been since
    January 2003.no trees are across the trails, and most drains
    are working. You will usually find dry conditions a day or
    two after a rain.

    Our objective is to bring Keyauwee and Supertree trails up
    standards and then expand the trail system. We believe that
    the Uwharrie/Woodrun trail system has the potential to be
    the Pisgah or Tsali of Central NC

    - from Tommy Taylor

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