Velonews: In The News: Police Foil Terror Threat To German Bike Race


Jan 3, 2005
NOS reports that German police have arrested two people suspected of plotting a terror attack at Rund um Finanzplatz Eschborn-Frankfurt, a bike race in Frankfurt, Germany scheduled for Friday.
Reports indicate that police raided a house in Oberursel, near Frankfurt, and found a homemade pipe bomb, bomb-making materials, an automatic rifle, and ammunition. One of the arrested suspects, a 35-year-old man, is said to be involved with the Salafists movement, which is associated with Sunni Islam.
German police conducted the raid on Thursday amid concerns that the race would be targeted. The man reportedly explored a forest on the race route. This behavior, combined with materials purchased under a pseudonym at a nearby construction store — large quantities of hydrogen peroxide and alcohol — prompted authorities to intervene.
The race has been cancelled due to this threat.
That's that, no racing tomorrow. Really can't believe this is happening in cycling…
— Koen de Kort (@koendekort) April 30, 2015

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