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    FYI - Posted by Gemma Kernich on aus.bicycle, please assist if you can.

    SA: Call for Help!!

    A crash happened on Tuesday 21st March approximately 8:30-8:45am on the New Norton Summit Road, inbetween the Pony Club and the first hairpin.

    Grant Leonard (a Norwood Cycling Club/SA Cycling Federation member) and a
    friend were descending down Norton Summit Road, and another cyclist
    (identity unknown) did a u-turn directly in front of them. Grant apparently
    crashed into the cliff wall head-first trying to avoid the unknown rider.
    Grant is now in the RAH Spinal Unit with no feeling below his chest (four
    broken vertebrae, four broken ribs, broken shoulder) but he remains positive
    for recovery.

    The cyclist that did the U-turn provided false details, and "left for work'
    after the ambulance arrived, but before the police arrived. The only
    description we have been given is he was roughly 30-45 years old, had black
    hair and a black road bike frame. The jersey he was wearing was potentially

    There were also at least six other cyclists who went past the scene before
    the ambulance arrived.

    If you know of (or are!) the rider that provided false details, or can
    provide any information just as a witness to this crash or crash scene
    please contact the SA Police.

    Our thoughts are with Grant and his family and friends at this difficult
    time and we wish him a speedy and full recovery.

    Gemma Kernich (President, South Australian Cycling Federation)
    [email protected] 0413 707 925