Warehouse indoor conditions of rolling bearings


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Nov 3, 2014
Store bearing of indoor should be dry SKF Bearings Distributor and ventilated warehouse, and can prevent sun direct injection and the rain, snow, sand and dust blown into; Indoor temperature keeps in 10 ~ 20 ℃, the highest must not exceed 30 ℃, the lowest shall not be lower than 5 ℃, relative humidity of not more than 60%; Indoor nor with acid, alkali, harmful material such as chemicals, chemical raw materials stored together.

Bearing when put in storage, should be to do a good job of warehousing technology acceptance. Check whether there is any damage on the bearing inner and outer packing. Bearing the signs on the packaging and the packaging product certificate, packing list, and incoming documents bearing the name of the product, code, quantity, delivery date, manufacturing factory name (or logo), are consistent with the actual product is; Actual product surface rustily or other defects, should reject this batch of products into the Treasury, and immediately contact the delivery unit for, the measures to solve these problems.

Inspection bearing surface of the product, or with wax paper liner, should wear gloves to avoid finger direct contact with the bearing surface.

Bearing is put in the warehouse storage, bulk packing bearing can overlap pallet storage, the bottom of the pile should be appropriate padding, so that the ventilation and prevent be affected with damp be affected with damp. Small, small bearings, also can along with the packaging on the shelf. Left some shelves and exterior wall, to prevent moisture infiltration bearing on the package. Large bearing and some thin wall bearing cannot position, should even packing flat together, make the whole bearing retainer role.

Bearing during storage, should be regularly check a (usually 6 months, hot and humid regions may be 3 months). Main inspection for the surface, the inner packing, as well as the actual product of bearing oil seal, rust, damage, deterioration phenomenon. If found the phenomenon of damage, deterioration, or bearing storage period is in excess of the prescribed period, should be removed promptly put these bearing, or change the packing, or the bearing to cleaning, rust removal and oil seal packaging and storage; Or take other measures.

Precision angular contact ball bearing Can bear radial load and axial load in one direction, can also carry pure axial load in single direction, under the radial load will cause the axial force component, so the angular contact ball bearing usually adopt double, triple, quadruple or even immovable equipping use.

Two-way thrust angular contact ball bearing is composed of two axial circle, a seat and two columns of rolling element and cage components, bearing contact Angle 60 °, don't bear radial load, and the double row cylindrical roller bearings are used to carry two-way axial load, has high precision, good rigidity, low temperature, high speed, convenient loading and unloading.

Angular contact ball bearings at four o 'clock Also called separable bearings, the type QJ has double half inner ring, QJF model with double semi outer ring, contact Angle are 35 o, in no load and pure radial load is applied, the steel ball and ring into contact at four o 'clock, under the effect of pure axial load, the steel ball and ring into two-point contact, it can be subject to bi-directional load.

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