Watching Unicyling Media on HDTV via DSM-520

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    For a few years, we've wanted to view our various types of media on TV
    -- without tying up computer. But, the products were just too
    expensive and didn't seem to work well. In the last month, a new
    product was released that is both affordable and actually works. It
    also has some nice features, as noted below. We are now watching all
    the new unicycling videos in the warm luxury of our family room. Enjoy
    this quick review.

    ...just hooked up our 'DLink DSM-520'
    ( and all I have to say is
    that is rocks. We also bought the 'DLink DSM-G600'
    ( Network Storage Enclosure and
    added a WD-250 drive. The 520 plays all of my media [wmv, xvid, divx,
    vob's, mp3, mpa, cda, jpg, jpeg2000, bmp, ...] effortlessly and also
    now has me hooked on free internet radio [live365 dot com]. The network
    storage device is Gigabit [as well as my computer and switch] , but I
    can only sustain about 7-8 MB/sec [100TX is about 5-6, 802-11g is about
    4-5]. This is the most disappointing thing. But I love ability to
    access all of the media with computer turned OFF. After a week, we are
    sitting at about 100GB. When we have media ready, we drag and drop it
    from computer to network drive. We may buy a second DSM-520 or DSM-120
    for hookup to our stereo in dining room. The G600 supports writing and
    reading from multiple sources without any problem. We use the gigabit
    for computer transfer and the 802-11 for communictaion with DSM-520.
    Nice thing about the DSM-520 is that it can support MULTIPLE media
    sources at the same time. For example, while the DSM-520 plays a movie
    from DSM-G600 on 802.11g, I can se moving a file to DSM-G600 via
    gigabit from computer AND view pics from G600 on my my Pocket-PC. Other
    nice feature - the file structure you create G600 is retained in
    DSM-520 media menus.

    Don't waste your time with XBOX-360 as media streamer. You'll fill it
    up in no time at all and be looking to upgrade.

    Oh, nice thing about the G600 is that you can put all of your family
    pictures [.. ect] and have it as a stand-alone backup. The file
    partition is EXT3 which is Linux with Journaling. It can be read under
    XP -via network- without any software. But if you -install- drive in
    XP computer, it will need a small extender.

    oh, my computer-challenged wife and kids find it easy to use :)

    BOTTOM LINE - this is a great product for home media streaming. With
    HD capabilities, it will be compatible for a long time down the road.

    any questions - cmoore at esilab dot com 3307013922c

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  2. jk

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    How was the DSM-520 in reagrds to streaming video wirelessly form you
    compputer? Or did you try that?

    I have just ordered one, but may want to use wierlessly
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    jk wrote:
    > How was the DSM-520 in reagrds to streaming video wirelessly form you
    > compputer? Or did you try that?
    > I have just ordered one, but may want to use wierlessly

    I've not tried it, but the general discussion on is that
    everything works nice. It uses a minimum of overhead and is seamless
    in function compared to uPnP Network Storage Devices like the DSM-G600.

    I personally like network storage because it frees the computer for
    reboots or heavy cpu stuff -- without interrupting what goes on the

    Let me know how you like yours.


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