what started Johnny NoCom stuff



all of this Johnny NoCom Stuff started when Monkey Island shut down,so now he
has nowhere else to go on the net to open his mouth.
he must be a very bored person that just can't find nothing else to do except
to get on people's nerves.if he was a real man he would stand his ground and
come out of the closet and say who he really is.but all of you all just think
about what i mentioned it all started when Monkey island shut down so that give
you all a good idea who it really is.and this person wears glasses also and is
about 6' 2" and 190lbs does ride a NoCom and loves to brag about it.
.... and, he was also the forum moderator (read censor). His
self-serving efforts of aggrandizement betray his identity. Afflicted
and consumed by an enormously distended sense of self-importance, his
favorite past time is feeding his insatiable appetite for
ego-gratification. Obsessed by a mania to bask in the limelight, he
deliberately concocts venues that focus attention upon himself.
Shamelessly unrestrained ploys of self-promotion are his trademark. He
is a pathetically immature and insecure, a self-absorbed megalomaniac
and a narcissist of the highest order. If you want to really hurt the
man, just ignore him. Disregard his incoherent, incessant babble.
Don't respond to his nonsensical absurd gibberish. Nothing would hurt
him more since even negative attention is still attention and he
thrives on attention in any flavor he can get it in. Ed Gin, alias
Johnny NoCON, is the Peter Pan of the recumbent set. He needs to grow
up, get real and get a life!
[email protected] wrote:

> If you want to really hurt the man, just ignore him.
> Don't respond to his nonsensical absurd gibberish.

I suppose you're ignoring me with your response, NOT!

You just gotta look, it's like a train wreck! You bore me, yawn.

Johnny [email protected]