What Type Of Bike Do I Need


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Oct 1, 2015

I have been riding a handme down run down mountain bike as part of my health improvement plan. I am thinking the bike i have is not my size as it is not very comfortable. I am looking for help on what style of bike i need to look for. I am 6'4" and currently weigh 270 pounds.I ride on the streets only and have no want to ride off road. I am not looking to race just to lose weight. Any Help would be greatly appreciated.
Age? Any physical issues? Have you test ridden drop bar bikes or hybrids? What distances do you plan to ride? Do you plan to ride solo or join a group of riders/club?

Starting at 270 pounds you will need something sturdy and yet fairly inexpensive...you'll likely be ditching it after you drop the first bunch of pounds for something lighter and perhaps faster.

Maybe a full rigid mountain bike with road tires? Maybe a decent used hybrid? A used steel or aluminum drop bar road bike fitted with wider tires?

Mr. Beanz can offer some good advice as he is a big guy and has lots of experience. You could also post this question in the Clydesdale sub-forum.
I would suggest that you go to a bike shop and try the bikes in their rack. When nothing fits, they can adjust it for you or perhaps you can customize a bike for your comfort. That's what I'm going to do when I finally buy a new bike. Try it for size is the best method since you already know the feel particularly with the balance. But considering your built, I guess there would be a lot of adjustments needed so that standard bike would fit your frame.
I think that it has to be a good quality bike. It doesn't mean it has to be expensive, but I see it as an investment and not as an expense.
It sounds like you need more of a road bike and one that is measured for your size.

I'd also recommend a hybrid as a second choice but I think you would be better with a road bike.
You can get a strong bike of a reputed brand from a local shop. I think you are an overweight buy. It is better to solve your problem permanently instead of getting a temporary solution. You need to lose weight. I would recommend you to go to the gym. You should burn the calories with using the cycle-machine at the gym. I have lost a lot of weight by using that device.

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