What you love about your recumbent bikes...

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    "The Real Johnny NoCom" <[email protected]> wrote in message
    news:[email protected]
    > Skip,
    > You can have your diversity. The Real Johnny NoCom has no use for bicycle
    > diversity and is only interested in one thing. Going fast as hell on two
    > wheel low splitterbikes. Nothing else will do it. I can guarantee you the
    > REal Johnny NoCom will never be caught any where near a bubble bike or
    > trike freak show. I have my aesthetics and besides wheel chairs are faster
    > than trikes.
    > The Real Johnny NoCom has been around long enough to know what is fast and
    > what is slow. Slow does not cut it in the Real Johnny NoCom world.
    > Enjoy your vintage two wheelers Skip. Bring one of your two wheelers to a
    > race sometime.
    > Cheers,
    > The Real Johnny NoCom

    Ed Gin is 59. He is only going to get older and he will eventually die of
    his diabetes. As he gets older he will discover that there are other things
    in life than being fast on a bike. Finally, he will be grateful to even be
    able to walk around the block. Wisdom comes to all of us eventually, even if
    it is only our death bed.

    Ed Dolan the Great - Minnesota