What's in your bottle?


Aug 11, 2001
I used to ride with Cytomax, but it's become hellishly expensive. I want to try Energy Dynamics Octane.<br />What do you guys and gals have in your bottles during a race that you will recommend?
Very low tech. A combo of weak Powerade and 3 scoops fast fuel per 750 ml. I find it goes down easily (Octane tastes too much like game) and seems to have a good combo of carb's to keep me going
VO2, I also found Cytomax to be a bit pricey. The store were I buy it from has me on their mailing list. About a month ago they mailed me about a South African equivelant of Cytomax called Replenish. Aparently not AS good as Cytomax but pretty close. I've now just finished my first tin of this stuff and it seems to be on a par for me.<br /><br />Cost is R115 as apposed to R370 for Cytomax.<br /><br /><br />
Replenish&amp;#61652; Maximum Energy Exercise Drink<br /><br />Nothing drains your energy faster during strenuous physical activity than the loss of fluid and vital electrolytes!<br />Your body works hard to maintain a physiological balance during training, and so it is important to replenish lost liquids and electrolytes if you want to maintain your level of performance! <br /><br />Why not drink only water?<br />Water intoxication or hyponatraemia (low sodium plasma concentration) can occur when an athlete consumes water alone, especially in conditions of intense heat and humidity. This condition can be avoided by ingesting a fluid-replacement drink that contains a combination of carbohydrates and electrolytes.<br /><br />There are two categories of sports drinks.<br />•&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Carbo-loaders <br />•&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Fluid-Replacements<br /><br />A Carbo-loader is a highly concentrated complex carbohydrate drink (usually a 20% solution), designed to be taken 2 - 3 hours before an event and immediately afterwards to help hasten recovery. The concentration of carbohydrates found in a typical carbo-loader is too high for consumption during exercise, and may cause gastrointestinal discomfort if taken during an event. <br />Many endurance athletes now “kilojoule load” by eating more and taking a kilojoule-dense supplement the day before, and on the day of a strenuous race, in place of carbo–loader drinks.<br /><br />A fluid-replacement drink is substantially less concentrated than a carbo-loader, and usually consists of a 6% to 8% carbohydrate in solution. Various studies have shown that sports drinks of this concentration are absorbed at the same rate as water alone! Because of this rapid gastric emptying, fluid-replacement drinks are designed to be taken during an event. Glucose and sodium are essential to quick absorption. <br /><br />What type of carbohydrate is best?<br />According to studies, it would seem that the most effective combination of carbohydrate in a fluid-replacement drink includes primarily glucose polymers, together with small amounts of fructose (2% to 3%), and glucose. This combination promotes rapid absorption as well as stable blood sugar levels, without causing gastric disturbance.<br /><br />How much carbohydrate does an athlete need?<br />Research has indicated that the consumption 60 to 80 grams of carbohydrate per hour, results in improved athletic performance. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends 125ml to 250ml of a 6% to 8% carbohydrate solution every 15 to 20 minutes. The more strenuous the exercise, the greater the volume to be consumed.<br /><br />What are the reasons for adding electrolytes to Replenish?<br />•&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Electrolytes are lost in sweat particularly when competing or training in hot weather.<br />•&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Low plasma sodium occurs during prolonged exercise.<br />•&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Sodium contributes to the absorption of water and glucose.<br /><br />Four Good Reasons for using Replenish!<br />•&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Replenish is comprised of the ideal 8% carbohydrate blend, providing continuous energy for working muscles.<br />•&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Replenish promotes rapid fluid absorption into the bloodstream without gastric distress.<br />•&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Replenish replaces the electrolytes lost during exercise.<br />•&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Replenish contains no additives, preservatives or colourants!<br /><br />It should be remembered that fluid, energy and electrolyte replacement should be just that! Excessive carbohydrates, amino acids, high vitamin and mineral additives are not necessary.<br /><br />Replenish is the ideal fluid-replacement drink!&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;I KG(45 Servings)<br /><br />
<br />
[quote author=Vo2 link=board=18;threadid=2677;start=#22924 date=1037864943]<br />ouzo, can you perhaps give me a link to their website?<br />[/quote]unfortunately I dont have a web addy. but give Megan at B.O.S.S. a call on (011) 802 8402. She is extremely helpful and knows her stuff.
I also used to use Cytomax and because of the price I turned to Carbo Supreme about two months ago. About 40 water bottles can be made with one tub and it costs R280 (+- R7 a bottle). <br /><br />This stuff realy works, HSBC apparently also uses this stuff. With Cytomax I also had to use Vooma sachets every 45 minutes. I only used Carbo Supreme in my water botter and 1-2 bananas or Raisons during the ride (Carbo Supreme recomendation). I never felt that energy stores was low during the 94.7 and got an excelent time (2:35:27). This realy works and I can recommend this product. <br /><br />Yes, I did try this long before the race in the Westcon (3:11) and during training.. Not just on the 94.7.
Oh, I also used it for Carbo Loading and it worked very well.
Sounds like a good product too. I'm going to give it a try during December.<br />I find that some products taste bad, and the last thing you want after 80k's of hard riding, is something that tastes bad or forms sediment.
That is the best part of Carbo Supreme, even on the most concentrated solution using their ratios the tast is not very sweet at all. You never get that feeling of flem or thickness in your mouth. It tastes like flavored water and not like a surup. You would think that the solution is a bit thin but boy the energy never stops ;D<br /><br />With Cytomax my mouth gets all sticky, Carbo Supreme does not cause that.. I realy endorse ;) this product.
I used to use Cytomax all the time but the cost drove me to train on Fast Fuel (with some bananas to keep the stomach full).<br /><br />Racing is Cytomax in both bottles and 2 bananas in the pockets.
Hiya VO2, <br /><br />I swear by Octane and I find that the only flavour that may taste almost like game is the Orange one, which incidentally I don't like too much either. The other flavours, i.e. Citrus and Cherry taste much better. (The cherry flavour tastes like those Kojak lollipops (remember them).<br /><br />I tried Cytomax and didn't feel any further benefits from the Octane and I find that I don't get tired of the flavour at the end of a long ride and I had 4 X 750ml bottles on my 2 laps of the 94.7. (Perhaps you will if you mix it quite strong.) And although the Cherry flavour is quite sweet, it isn't overpowering.<br /><br />To be quite frank, I honestly don't think that there is too much difference in most of these products and alot of the price is justified with the marketing hype. As long as the carbs aren't too sucrose based and the drink has the necessary anti-oxidants (which most of the decent brands have) I think it's all just a matter of taste.<br /><br />Good luck on your hunting.<br />
I use Winner's Fuel to carbo load starting three days before and as a recovery drink and use Game during. I found that Game really gives me a kick.<br /><br />Has anybody found a place that sells GU yet? I now use PERC corn syrup and it is not bad at all for R4,95.
I'm not so sure if plain Game is the way to go, but if it works for you Mampara, then stick with it.
I'm sorry to hear that Cytomax is so expensive for you guys - is it an international thing?<br /><br />I use it for the hot hot riding weather.<br /><br />anybody use any of the enervit products? http://www.torbjornsport.com/enervit/<br /><br />I've been hearing good things and I plan to try them next summer.
I normally use Energade 1:5 dilution. My problem is I don't drink enough of anything either on or off the bike. Almost as if I am allergic to fluids! ::) <br />Mampara/VO2<br />I was given a bottle of Game orange this morning and liked the taste. Not too sweet or sticky. Also very affordable! Bought a can of concentrate this afternoon and will give it a try. Maybe it'll help me drink more? ??? I'll give you a report back in a couple of weeks. Hey, the label says it's good stuff and they wouldn't lie, would they? ;)
on my long rides i take a bottle of gatorade or powerade and a bottle of water plus some fruit bars and museli bars. This combo is cheap and available anywhere and it seems to work ok even on long rides<br /><br />the other day i tried all the different GU varieties in one ride to determine which ones i would eat again. i like the chocolate, orange and berry flavours but the others i could do without. I think when i start racing i will probably use the GU and gatorade cause its just easier to eat under pressure.<br /><br />tried PB sport lemon gel once, BIG mistake
It's important that you also put in the bottle of just water some very low concentrate of salts and electrolites. You can do that by making your water solution 1/2 or 1/4 the concentrate of the &quot;carbo mix&quot;. The reason for this is that when you are very actively training your body can't easily absorb plain water. The water will just sit in your belly until you take another sip of your &quot;carbo mix&quot; to mix with. Preparing your water with a very low concentrate will make your body absorb it better.<br /><br />If the water is just there to drink with the &quot;carb mix&quot; I would suggest reducing the concentrate but fill both water bottles.
Prefer just plain water most of the time, with jam sandwiches and jelly babies to chew on!!!
I'd be more from the Séan Kelly school:<br /><br />H20 and eat properly (Veg/Chicken/Beef/Cabbage/Potatoes). During the race I'd have Vegemite Sandwiches and Jelly Babies for the last hour... no problems getting through 100Km races. On the bike I'd have one water and one bottle of cold tea (strong).<br /><br />Recover with a pint of Stout... it'll give you a boost and you'll be grand the following day due to the high Malt content.. seriously!
[quote author=Collumbo link=board=18;threadid=2677;start=15#23473 date=1039519176]<br />I'd be more from the Séan Kelly school:<br /><br />H20 and eat properly (Veg/Chicken/Beef/Cabbage/Potatoes). During the race I'd have Vegemite Sandwiches and Jelly Babies for the last hour... no problems getting through 100Km races. On the bike I'd have one water and one bottle of cold tea (strong).<br /><br />Recover with a pint of Stout... it'll give you a boost and you'll be grand the following day due to the high Malt content.. seriously! <br />[/quote]<br /><br />Long time ago in Belgium they used to advise riders to drink Rodenbach (type of Belgian beer) with raw eggs.... wonder if that helped ;)<br /><br />Niek