Why Are Womens Bikes Different To Mens Bikes?

I specifically see it as an outfit thing. Women disembark straight down while still holding the handle with both hands. The horizontal bar had to be lowered in its design accordingly. Men don't have any problem with mounting the bike. Some tall men directly mount the bike and ride away.

Women being short, have problems embarking the bike, because of their bike and they step on the pedal to gain that initial height.
Women have seats and frame sizes relative to their height. Ergo mounting or dismounting is no more or less difficult for them than men. If you can sit in a chair without sliding off you can raised your leg high enought to ride a conventional frame. Any female not able to do that shouldn't be on the road at all.

And if we (females) slide forward off the seat we have a lot less stuff to crush on that horizontal bar.

Honestly and truly it is just cultural, or costume related, it is not anything at all to do with body shape or conformation where we all have basically the same body parts. And if it was to do with heigth, they would be heigth-coded not gender coded as there is massive overlap in heights between genders.
I didn't really notice the difference at first but after awhile of observing, I think they are different due to human characteristics. Both genders need support in some different areas so a change in the frame is needed.
Womens and mens are different sexs, and so they are both different, no wonder why the bike shapes are different for them.
Actually I do find it surprising Lizel, even if the anatomy is different I don't consider such a big difference justifiable. Eventually just for women to ride with skirts?