Wonderful cycling-related animation...

Discussion in 'UK and Europe' started by [email protected], Apr 17, 2006.

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    <[email protected]> directed us towards:

    and John Rowland reported:
    > <tears streaming down face>

    From that, I anticipated something very funny. How wrong I was.

    Bloody hell that's powerful.

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  3. 'Beautiful - more subtle than Belleville ..... does anyone know if it's
    possible to download and save the clip?'

    Good isn't it? As it is presented as a Flash stream you can't actually
    download the source file. However there is plenty of software around
    that will let you save it to disc as it streams. I use a Mac so used
    Snapz Pro X (You get to use it 30 days for free). There seems to be
    plenty of free apps for Wintel machines that do the same.

    It is also available on a DVD along with a lot of other animations from
    the British Animation Awards.

  4. Well, it *did* win an Oscar - 5 years ago I think.
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    Thank you for posting that. I've watched it twice, and I'm considering
    forwarding the link to a friend who lost her father a few years back.

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