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Jan 22, 2013

So for my 16th birthday I bought myself a Giant Defy 6. I've modified it a bit, put red lightweight tyres on, aero bars, computer ect..

I was just wondering if anyone could give me any tips on.. I don't know, methods or ways of cycling, food to eat/not to eat, best way to climb a hill.. Anything? :)

I have a youtube channel, Uploaded 2 rides that I've done over the last week, I do cycle every day 12 miles, 6 miles to school, 6 miles back. Only just started using a camera though, realised its a good thing with the amount of nut cases on the roads!

I have the Strava app aswel.

My youtube channel is:

Any feedback is truely welcome! :)

Snow and no road shoulder, you're definitely committed. I often take my local park with it's dedicated bike line for granted. Riding every day is great, increasing your mileage even a couple of those days a week would give your fitness a nice bump.

I'd probably let Ellie do my nails too. Unfortunately she looks half my age/img/vbsmilies/smilies/wink.gif
Hahah! Sorry, the video was of an ex that reckoned I didn't know anything about makeup :3 I obviously didn't!

I usually do a 12 mile ride, 6 miles to school and back, At the weekend I tried something a little different, a long ride into Eastbourne, as you saw a flat tyre caught me out!.

Will be uploading more footage tomorrow as I received a helmet cam in the post today! :)
I live States but used to visit my grandmum in Sussex when I was younger. One year it was on the tail end of a bike tour I did across Europe so I had my bike with me but the one thing I remember when riding from Nutley (a tiny little village no one's ever heard of) to Haywards Heath was the narowness of the roads and no shoulder to escape onto. One of the common riding roads in my area which makes up a 65mile loop has 10-15 feet of extra road shoulder on each side! One of your videos was like a flashback.

PS I always carry a spare and a patch kit, a CO2 cartridge and a mini pump just in case. Good enough for a completely shredded tire or at least 2-3 flats. Getting cought with yer pants down and far from home blows.
I learnt the hard way :p

Nutley! haha what a place! Sometimes cycle there from Croborough but as I'm only a novice rider a trip from Seaford to Nutley would be a we bit to much for me, maybe soon though :D

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